Welcome to M.G.E. Coppicing. We are working with the environment for a sustainable future.

MGE Coppicing was established in June 2010, and has been operating in the Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire areas quickly gaining a reliable and professional reputation.

MGE Coppicing was set up by two men with a desire to keep alive the ancient skill of coppicing. This also allowed them to supply and meet their own growing need for long lasting high quality Sweet Chestnut fencing material and therefore ensuring it met their own exacting standards.

MGE Coppicing aim to produce a quality product using only the highest grade wood, while ensuring the Chestnut Woodlands are correctly managed and maintained with wood coming from sustainable and renewable sources.

The faster growth cycle of Sweet Chestnut which is ready to harvest in 12-30
years makes it four times as replenishable as slower growing species such as
Ash and Oak trees which take 50-100 years to get to a harvestable height. 

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MGE Coppicing
Langhurst Manor Farm

Pook Hill
Chiddingfold, Godalming

Surrey GU8 4XR


email: mgecoppicing@live.co.uk


Tel: 01428 684909  


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